On the night of my illuminating dream I had a very restless sleep. I woke several times having heard strange noises. Each time I investigated the sounds I found nothing and returned to bed. It must have been in the hours after midnight that I awoke and saw a figure in my room. It was menacing, moving about the window. Was the figure holding a knife? I could see an elbow or a foot. I picked up a plank of wood that lay near my bedside table from our recent renovations and swung it at the figure. I believe I may have wounded it and as it picked itself up I thought I saw that it had a gun, however, before I had time to become frightened the figure escaped from the room slamming the door behind it. The remainder of the night was very difficult. I had spent an hour stirring in bed when I got up searched through my wife’s cabinet to find an old packet of Valium she had once been prescribed and quickly swallowed two tablets. It took a few hours before I settled and drifted off to sleep, feeling certain that I had seriously harmed someone with the plank of wood earlier in the night. I checked the piece of wood several times for blood stains and found none, went back to bed and then quickly got up again to scour the floor again looking for any signs of blood stain. What could his motive be to come into my home? He must have mental problems. All the while I kept in my mind the details of my most remarkable dream to produce these peptides. Indeed I myself would take them if they were available and would not even question whether they had been “clinically proven” for the idea contained in them would be enough to satisfy me.

Medhurst : 11 November 2012

I would blend herbs with fish oils and neuroactive Chinese medicines to create a chemical cocktail for the mind that would send a bolt of electrical energy through it and call it into action. The consumer would suddenly become smarter, more confident and supremely organised. The idea was to make something that even though it were most likely inert, we would market it so well that people would believe in it and this belief would be enough to propel it forward into greatness.