Thanatos : return to our inorganic state

Broker's Premium Strength
The Cutlass
Tanqueray 10
No. 3 London Dry


Quina-Fina or Q-Tonic 
Fever-Tree Mediterranean

She will use little expressions and that will widen the abyss between us….She will say, "when I was a child" - or "when I am old" - or "never in all my life" - That stabs me, Mercury…. We miss something, Mercury - the poignancy of the transient - the intimation of mortality - that sweet sadness of grasping something you cannot hold. Jean Giraudeax - Amphitryon 38

Stalin gave me the impression of a grey blur which flickered obscurely and left no trace.
Nikolai Sukhanov

No man enjoys the true taste of life but he who is willing and ready to quit it. Seneca

Death is the condition that makes it possible for us to live authentically.
Responsibility avoiding defences:
  • innocent victim
  • losing control
  • out of my control
Only after one takes suicide seriously does one take one's life seriously. Irvin Yalom

The bar door slammed open and noise, voices, poured in off the street. A man was collapsed outside on the pavement and a small crowd had surrounded him. A derelict histrionic woman was fanning him with a folded newspaper.  He appeared to be old man with a grey beard, clutching a bottle and gurgling.  An ambulance arrived. It turned out it wasn’t an emergency at all. They said he was in no imminent danger and lifted him into the sitting position onto a bench. He thanked them profusely, bitterly upset at having caused them to be called out, to which to the middle aged ambulance officers replied that it was not a problem at all. There were rumours bad Dank that did it, until someone else clarified the situation and said that it had nothing to do with the Dank but rather the man had a tumour in his chest. Mifune