Saint Thomas Aquinas

The tribes of Europe (Gothic, Germanic, Franks...), having no recourse to faith or belief in "the scriptures", were, in the mind of Aquinas, accessible through reason. And so, with the scriptures of the Israelites and the philosophical treatises of the Ancient Greeks, he fused together an argument that he must have believed would convince and convert these tribes to Christianity.

In the philosophy of Christian religion in the centuries that have followed there has been little progress made in the ways in which religious argument is executed. Reason remains largely useless and we rely of faith, that great inexplicable sensation of the infinite.

Saint Thomas Aquinas -- Diego Velázquez

A Song of Ice and Fire

The characters are quite interesting. Tyrion is essentially a good person with some bad habits. Samwell is brave, even though almost everything he says and does attempts to indicate the opposite, Jon Snow the bastard is good son. 

August 2014