Thales (Θαλῆς: circa 500 BC) = Brokers Gin : Premium 47% Alcohol

When Thales described that everything came from water, the question of whether or not he is right is irrelevant. The proposition that everything is composed of water is absurd given what we know now - of course we haven't found the truth but rather a more refined ignorance. 

However, Thales did put forth the proposition that the natural world came to be in and of its own accord. What? A world responsible for its own creation! Without supernatural requirement! Everything could be explained by what was available to human perception - that could be touched and from that discerned - what material we could discern. He was a naturalist.

Sometimes a Street -- 11 Nov 12

Sometimes I like to think that the worlds is created from Broker's Premium Gin. It would make my life a little easier and those around me a little more uncomfortable.